Girls Who Javascript - Meetup 10

This meetup is in Bangalore for women who write Javascript or who wish to learn Javascript

Understanding Javascript Quirks

Submitted by Anupama (@anuhosad) on Oct 29, 2018

Technical level: Beginner Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


Understanding JS language features behind quirky behaviours


We have all come across the following quirky questions in quizzes or interviews:

var a = 20;
function foo() { 
   var a = 10;
   return function a() {}
// Outputs function a(){}


{} + [] = 0

[] + {} = "[object Object]"

{} + {} = NaN

({} + {}) = "[object Object][object Object]"

This talk is aimed at understanding the Javascript language features behind such behaviour such as hoisting, automatic type conversion for various operators, ToPrimitive internal algorithm to name a few.

Speaker bio

Hi, I am Anupama. I work as a UI engineer in Unbxd where I am part of the team that is building a new product



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