Meetup 17

This is an online meetup for women who write Javascript or who wish to learn Javascript

Introduction to React Hooks


Aditi Verma


React has evolved and Hooks are a new addition to it. After having taken a Basic React Workshop with the older version, I will introduce React again, but with hooks.


We will explore implementation of useState, useEffect and useContext in a very simple code base. We will first look at the concept in a minimalistic presentation and then write an implementation of the same in code.


If you have prior knowledge of React, it works better. Otherwise the content will be structured in a way that anyone new can also pick up these new concepts.

Speaker bio

I work as a Digital Analyst for Mckinsey & Company. I am an experienced full stack developer with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Javascript (ReactJS, Angular, Node) and enjoy teaching and being taught. I have experience in working with React of around 2 years and have good knowledge about surrounding technologies and toolkits.