Meetup 14

This meetup is in Bangalore for women who write Javascript or who wish to learn Javascript

Build your PWA app

Submitted by Neha Sharma (@nsharma25) on Feb 6, 2020

Status: Confirmed


This will be 2-3 hours workshop on building your own PWA app. We will be build an app and make that PWA
by adding features: add to homescreen, offline support, caching pages.

This we can use as the sample app or either ‘portfolio’ app.


  • What is PWA and why we need it?
  • Pros and cons of PWA
  • Building blocks of PWA
  • Introduction to Manifest
  • Introduction to service workers
  • Code-lab
  • What’s next?


  • laptop, chrome browser, android phone, knowledge of HTML,CSS, JavaScript

Speaker bio

My name is Neha Sharma. I have rich web experience and I am working as UI Manager. I love web and when I am not coding I enjoy doing calligraphy.



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