Meetup 13

This meetup is in Bangalore for women who write Javascript or who wish to learn Javascript

ReactJS Workshop

Submitted by Aditi Verma (@aditiverma1009) on Mar 12, 2019

Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Workshop Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


ReactJS has become highly popular because of its extra simplicity and flexibility. Part of this huge popularity comes from the fact that top corporations such as Facebook, PayPal, Uber, Instagram, and Airbnb use it day in and day out for frontend web development. React became so popular in no time since it has a growing and healthy community associated with it.
The workshop would be around the use of React parallelly building a project to learn implementation of each concept.


The workshop will be completed in two meetups. In the first meetup we would be covering:
1. Introduction to react and rendering elements
2. Creating Components
3. State and Props
3. Handling Events
4. Conditional Rendering
5. Parallelly working on a handson project

The second meetup would be around:
1. Lists and Keys
2. Lifting State Up
3. Use of hooks
4. API integration
5. Wrapping up the project started in first session

What can you expect:
1. Having understood and implemented above concepts
2. Have a handy github project ready at the end of it
3. Can build frontend for a website
4. Ready for more advanced topics such as : Context API, HOC, Redux, etc


Participants must bring along laptops to be able to build the aforementioned handson project parallelly.

Speaker bio

I work for Mckinsey Digital Labs as a full stack developer. I usually work with nodejs and reactjs. I completed my Btech (IT) from VIT University, Vellore.



  • Aditi Verma (@aditiverma1009) Proposer a year ago

    We can keep it or not keep it a handson session based on the crowd we address.

    • Vidya Ramakrishnan (@vidya-ramki) Crew a year ago

      For a handson workshop, what would be the duration?

      • Aditi Verma (@aditiverma1009) Proposer 8 months ago (edited 7 months ago)

        Hello Vidya, I know this is a rather late request but I would love an opportunity to take react session in your Dec 9, 2019 session for girls who javascript. The hands on session should take approximately 5 hours. Please contact me if this works. I will thereafter prepare the deck and the codebase I would be using and share it with you.

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